The Farmington Valley Visitors Association (FVVA) is a non-profit 501 C (6) public/private partnership, formed in 1994 to promote the Farmington Valley as a destination for tourists. FVVA has evolved and expanded, becoming a resource for residents and an information center for families wishing to relocate. Thus, FVVA’s Mission is to promote tourism and economic vitality in the Farmington Valley.


FVVA has over 145 members, including 8 towns and their Chambers of Commerce, (Avon, Burlington, Canton, East Granby, Farmington, Granby, New Hartford and Simsbury), recreational sites, historic sites, farms, lodgings, restaurants, shopping malls, specialty shops, art galleries, antique shops, and local businesses dedicated to assisting our residents and helping families relocate to the valley.


FVVA opened a tourism office in Avon, Connecticut in 1998 and then created a website. Without publicity, public responses to both were swift and favorable. The office greets over 50 visitors a month, receives over 3,000 requests for information via telephone, card, letter and readers responses from advertisement publications each year, and distributes 50,000 copies of its Guide to the Farmington Valley to all 50 states. The website receives approximately 4,000–5,000 hits per month.


FVVA focuses its efforts on new and innovative ways to showcase its members, encourage tourism provide resource information to residents and promote family and business relocation. Partnering with groups, corporations, agencies and individuals allows FVVA the opportunity to enhance its ability to effectively market the valley as a tourist destination and a desirable place to live and work. FVVA’s 8 participating towns have provided information for the creation of “Town” packets to distribute to individuals and families that visit the office, call or e-mail requests for information for potential relocation.


FVVA’s year round efforts target specific geographic markets through programs and activities designed to entice residents, leisure and spontaneous travelers, weekend getaway travelers and individuals and families visiting to acquaint themselves with the valley for possible relocation. FVVA member benefits include a listing in the Guide (with distribution to hotels, member businesses, town offices, libraries, real estate offices, and much more), listings on 2 websites, the space to display brochures and/or business cards in the office, narrative advertising and upcoming event publicity in a monthly newsletter, and Lobby Resource/Information Center weekly e-blasts and on a special events board. There are opportunities for inclusion of print material in relocation packets. Members are encouraged to submit news and events for Facebook and Twitter, and have the opportunity to attend networking meetings and events, and participate in programs designed to enhance visibility without significant costs. In 2014, FVVA launched its “EF-VEE” Awards, a “Best-Of” survey offering FVVA members a chance to shine among their Valley supporters and to gain exposure among Valley newcomers. The 2016 survey included 21 categories.


To enhance the ability to promote economic vitality and tourism in the Farmington Valley, FVVA has embarked on a comprehensive Membership Campaign designed to attract not only businesses related to tourism but those businesses, corporations, and individuals who share its vision and are interested in introducing themselves to the resident and “Relocation Market.”


If you are interested in joining FVVA, or would like more information on programs, events and/or getaway opportunities, please e-mail or give us a call!